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HIV/AIDS Awareness Resource Kit
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HIV/AIDS Awareness Resource Kit

The following kit is a resource that we have put together that will help you in preparing for your church, ministry, and website on HIV/AIDS Awareness Sunday.

Feel free to use whatever resources work best for your church, ministry, blog, social network and website environment.


The Positive Project by The Body has a variety of videos that you can play during your service or online if you have the ability to show video.  Hear the stories from those from young to old who are living with HIV. Hear their message of how they were diagnosed, their advice to the public, why they feel it is important to tell their story, and many other topics.

On YouTube - or by searching YouTube for World AIDS Day you can find an assortment of video's - other videos can be found by searching using HIV AIDS Awareness, Living with HIV, Living with AIDS, or World AIDS Day

Video ideas: 
  • place them throughout your service, creating a story from up to 3 people and their journeys. 
  • put them on your website to convey the message and bring awareness to others that AIDS doesn't only exist on World's AIDS Day (12/1) or during The Evangelical Network's HIV/AIDS Awareness Sunday which is the second Sunday of June.

  • Here is a song (It Won't Last) that has been written about HIV. It is performed by Ambassadors for Change, a Gospel Choir from Oakland California.  This would make for a great song to play during a video montage or during a candle lighting ceremony.
  • Put the song on your web site so that when your HIV/AIDS awareness page opens the song starts.
  • Have your choir or worship team learn the song.

  • If you have pictures of loved-ones, friends, people from your church you can make a PowerPoint presentation or include slides with names if you don't have pictures and play that during a moment of silence or during a song.
  • If you go to Google and select the images link at the top you can type in and do a search for HIV/AIDS Awareness, Living with HIV, Living with AIDS, or World AIDS Day a series of photos are available for you to copy and paste into a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Create red ribbons for each person that comes into your church services on HIV/AIDS Awareness Sunday.
  • Red ribbons can be cut and pinned with a small gold pin or find something special like a cross pin to add to it. 
Sermons, Messages & Speakers
  • Bring in a speaker from a local AIDS organization to speak to your congregation on the state of HIV/AIDS in your local community and state. Most people who work with HIV/AIDS organizations have presentations ready to go which include local, state, US and world statistics.  This is a great opportunity to bring awareness and education to your congregation.
  • There have been many themes for World AIDS Day over the years. These make for great sermon titles, tying in your message of HIV/AIDS Awareness. Click here to see past themes.
Website Resources
  • World AIDS Campaign
  • Chiff World AIDS Day page had ideas on what you can do with HIV/AIDS Awareness Sunday along with more information. Downloadable fact sheets, posters and brochures can also be found and used.
  • Avert - is an excellent website for statistics, pictures, videos. 


Do you have more ideas that would serve as a resource for other churches and ministries?  We would love to share them!  You can send them direct to Fil Fiel at the email for the HIV/AIDS Ministry. 


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