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The Evangelical Network Mission & Vision
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The Evangelical Network (TEN) is an association of LGBT affirming evangelical ministries and individuals. TEN’s mission is focused on the LGBT community and its allies.  Our mission and vision are accomplished through the following efforts:

  • Provide a safe place for LGBT people to discover and rediscover Christianity –

  1. Each year at our annual conference we provide a workshop regarding reconciling Homosexuality and the Bible.

  2. We provide opportunities for individuals to learn about developing their Christian walk through workshops, 

  3. We provide direct support to individuals that would like to meet with a minister in person or via telephone to discuss most any issue related to their Christianity and/or being LGBT.

  4. We assist affiliates in coordinating any needed training regarding Homosexuality and Christianity.

  5. We assist people in finding affirming places of worship.

  6. We plan to expand our affiliate base and to continue to search for affirming congregations for individuals who are not in an affiliate service area.

  • Bring together people with a shared faith to worship, evangelize and disciple

  1. Our annual conference is open to all individuals. You do not have to be an affiliate to attend.

  2. Our conference has many opportunities for worship both in small groups and general sessions.

  3. We provide workshops that assist people to grow their Christian life and learn to evangelize.

  4. We provide training during our conferences to ministers and church leaders to help them take home discipleship lessons.

  5. We plan to work to expand our conferences to bring more people together for a time of shared worship and fellowship.

  • Give people from all different backgrounds an opportunity to be educated about Homosexuality and Christianity

  1. We provide an annual workshop at our conference regarding reconciling Homosexuality and the Bible.

  2. We provide online materials regarding reconciling one’s faith and being gay.

  3. We have facilitated workshops at affiliate and non-affiliate churches regarding reconciling Homosexuality and the Bible.

  4. In our Bridge Building efforts we have facilitated reconciliation training at mainline evangelical churches.

  5. We would like to expand our reconciliation workshop presentations to additional churches.

  6. We plan to expand our training opportunities to additional groups such as Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

  • Afford ministry and growth opportunities to people in the LGBT community

  1. Our annual conference provides many workshops that are designed to assist individuals in their spiritual development.

  2. We have articles available on this site that addresses individual and church/ministry issues.

  3. We publicize our affiliate churches and our individual Christian Workers so that people can find other ministerial opportunities.

  4. We plan to expand our website to include the ability for pastors to find speakers and others when needed.

  • Hold an annual conference open to all that is designed for networking, fellowship, education and worship

  1. Our annual conference is open to all individuals. You do not have to be an affiliate to attend.

  2. The conference provides a time for all to come together and spend time in worship and Scripture.

  3. Our worship style is Charismatic but we try to cover a variety of styles to accommodate those from different backgrounds.

  4. We provide time for fellowship and networking throughout the conference weekend.

  5. We provide specific training and workshops for church leaders, pastors and individuals.

  6. The workshops range from basic Christian discipleship training to church development issues.

  7. The theme and workshops change each year, but always with a mission of growing the Body of Christ individually and corporately.

  8. We plan to continue to grow our annual conference to reach more individuals and churches and provide them with substance material for spiritual growth and development.

  • Offer a safe place for LGBT people and the evangelical church community to dialogue

  1. We have met with a variety of mainline church ministerial staffs and pastors to review the teachings about reconciling Homosexuality and the Bible.

  2. We continue to have ongoing conversations with these individuals as they seek to better understand these issues.

  3. It is our goal to build bridges with evangelical churches and to offer training and education regarding the LGBT community and our beliefs regarding reconciling the Bible and Homosexuality.

  • Be a voice in the public and media that supports the LGBT community and its struggles for equality, and to speak out against negative stereotypes

  1. We have been to the United Nations to speak about evangelical pastors exporting homophobia to Uganda and continue to speak against the exportation of homophobia throughout the world.

  2. We work with the U.S. Secretary of Labor and Congressional leaders on issues about how workplace safety can be implemented for the LGBT community.

  3. We participate with Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Clergy Call to speak on the behalf of the evangelical LGBT community.

  4. We continue to speak at numerous events, organizations, clubs, functions and conferences around the country on gay marriage and adoption.

  5. We serve on the Bishops and Elders Council which is part of the Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

  6. We work in conjunction with Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)

  7. We have a Public Relations Director that works to get press releases out, radio interviews and other media outreach to address LGBT evangelical concerns.

  8. We continue to be a voice regarding LGBT rights and issues, specifically those that address concerns important to the LGBT evangelical community.

This mission is accomplished through an affiliation of churches, ministries and individuals working together.  Many of these activities rely on volunteers and funding through donations.  You too can be a part of this ministry, if you see an area in which you could help please contact us at and be a part of the future.  If you would like to financially support these endeavors, please become a Pledge Partner or make an individual donation. 

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